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The closure of Association "Landmine Survivors Initiatives"


31 May 2016






The closure of Association "Landmine Survivors Initiatives"

Non-governmental organization “Landmine Survivors Initiatives” is closing its program today, after more than 18 years of working with and for survivors, mine victims and other disabled persons in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Unable to carry on with a demanding and comprehensive approach to empowerment of mine victims and other persons with disabilities, we decided to close the organization. We recall that we began our work in 1997 during the global campaign for the adoption of the Mine Ban Treaty, the first international disarmament agreement which imposed obligations to States Parties to support victims of weapons in the recovery and reintegration. Since then, as a branch office of the international organization Landmine Survivors Network, we have, among other things, supported over 3,100 mine victims and their families to open income generation activities, access rehabilitation services, exercise other rights on an equal basis with others to achieve the overall reintegration of mine victims and persons with disabilities.

Last Updated ( Wednesday, 01 June 2016 14:45 )

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Sitting Volleyball Tournament "Princess Diana Memorial-Bugojno Open 2016"

Sitting volleyball tournament „Princess Diana Memorial-Bugojno Open 2016“ was held in Bugojno on May 21, 2016 as the last Landmine survivors Initiatives' (LSI) campaigning activity before closing its operations on May 31,2016. It gathered around 80 athletes, members of 8 sitting volleyball clubs from Split, Kikinda, Kakanj, Laktasi, Breza, Zavidovici, Gornji Vakuf and Bugojno. Representatives of LSI and sitting volleyball club from Bugojno greeted the participants on behalf of the organizers and opening speeches were also given by the Mayor of Bugojno, Mr. Hasan Ajkunic and Vice-President of Federal Government of B&H, Ms. Melika Mahmutbegovic. Team from Bugojno won the tournament beating the team from Breza in the finals while the teams from Zavidovici and Split won second and third place.

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Turnir sjedeće odbojke "Memorijal princeze Dajane-Breza open 2016"

In this year, Non-governmental organization „Landmine Survivors Initiatives“ will organize two sitting volleyball tournaments to commemorate Princess Diana visit to B&H in August 1997 and her contribution in promoting rights of landmine survivors. Princess Diana Memorial is one of the sitting volleyball tournaments with longest tradition in B&H. Tuzla hosted the tournament from 1998 until 2007, and from that time the tournament was organized in different other locations including Zavidovici, Derventa, Zenica, Mostar, Brcko, Lukavac and Cazin. The first of two planned tournaments to be held in this year was organized in Breza on May 8, 2016 under the name „Princess Diana Memorial-Breza Open-2016“ with participation of 6 teams from Sisak (Croatia), Kikinda (Serbia) and Bugojno, Zavidovici, Doboj and Breza (B&H). Sitting volleyball team „Iskra“ from Bugojno won the tournament beating the host team from Breza in the finals.

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